So long, farewell: redux

I’d be fooling myself if I didn’t reuse the title and rework the opening lines from my previous reflection, because it has been a year full of so much more highlights, struggles, twists, and turns. It won’t be a long one this year, because I’ve already done so much reflecting through different posts on my socials.

I didn’t realise how much of an impact this year would have on me, but on the whole, I think I’ve learnt to be more confident in myself and my skills to just sit with people and listen. Beyond that, I’ve become increasingly aware of my position in this world and how I can make positive changes for myself and hopefully influence the people around me to do the same.

I’ve also had to go through a few journeys of loss. Loss of the uni student identity that I’ve had for the last 10 years. Loss of friends because of their actions and words. Multiple times when I’ve lost my trust in people and systems overall. To have to go through this many and to still be able to make sense of it all shows that there is a way through.

What do I think about 2021? Again, pulling from last year, I want to remain hopeful. On top of that, I want to be able to remain grounded. What will both of these things look like? I can’t say for sure. I just know that it’s another journey to go on, and that is fun in and on its own.

Much love and keep safe,




Binger of Netflix, podcaster, and constantly unpacking culture.

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